Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

  • Mistakes You Can Make When You Buy Slates On Your Own

    If you are installing a slate roof, one of the decisions you have to make is whether to buy the slates on your own or leave it to the roofing contractor. Some homeowners prefer buying the slates on their own to avoid contractor markup. Unfortunately, that may not be a very wise move if you don't have prior experience working with slates. Here are some of the mistakes you may make when purchasing the slates.

  • Repairing Your Own Slate Roof? 2 Reasons You Shouldn't

    Although historic slate roofing systems can last for many years, sometimes, moss can grow on their surfaces. Slate is a natural material, which means that it can attract moss over time, especially if you live in a wet or humid location. Moss can also grow on roofs with moisture problems. If you plan to remove the moss yourself, you might want to reconsider and have a professional roofer do it for you.

  • 3 Solutions To Give Your Roof More Protection From Energy Loss And Heat Gain

    Soon, it may be time to have your old roofing replaced. When replacing asphalt shingles, you may want to consider some modern improvements for energy efficiency that can reduce energy loss and heat gain. These improvements can include using different materials for roofing, insulating your attic and installing thermal barriers for a better roof design. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider for your roof replacement:

  • Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Tudor Cottage

    Tudor Cottages have a classic, storybook look with stone or brick siding and a large, asymmetrical gabled roof that extends across most of the home's front. The cottage features dormers and a large chimney that also protrude through the roof. If you own a home of this style, choosing the right roofing material can go a long way towards retaining that storybook look for years to come. Here are a few of the best and worst roofing materials for a Tudor Cottage home that you can discuss further with your roofing companies.

  • 3 Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Monterey-Style Home With A Gabled Roof

    Monterey-style homes blend the casual simplicity of a Colonial home with the ornate details of a Spanish Eclectic villa. Monterey homes have simple, clean lines accented by brick or brick and stucco siding. The homes usually have a second story balcony on the front of the home and that balcony is enhanced with a decorative railing or trim. Monterey homes can have a couple of different roof types but one is a lower pitched version of the traditional gable roof.

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