Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

  • That's A Lot Of Snow: 4 Signs Your Roof May Be Collapsing Under The Weight

    If you've never lived in a region that experiences heavy snowfall, you may not realize the danger your roof faces during the winter. Heavy snowfall can destroy a roof, especially if the snowpack gets too heavy. In fact, a large accumulation of snow, can actually cause your roof to collapse. Here are some warning signs you should be aware of. Doors and Windows Won't Open As the snow builds up on your roof, the added weight puts pressure on your home's wood frame.

  • 3 Telltale Signs Of Major Roofing Damage During A Storm

    Some roofing problems make a gradual appearance over time, such as deteriorating shingles, giving you the chance to react as new symptoms start to make an appearance. However, in some cases, roofing damage will show up so abruptly that it will take you a bit to fully understand what is going on. Most sudden roofing damage will happen during a storm or high winds and may even be accompanied by water raining down inside the house.

  • How To Make More Earth Friendly Roofing Choices

    If it's time to replace your roof, your choice of roofing materials can save money and help the environment. Whether you go with recycled materials that reduce landfills or use light-reflecting materials that reduce your energy needs, your choices can affect your wallet and the environment. Read on to learn more about these methods and join the fight to reduce your ecological footprint on the earth. Keep Your Cool Those traditional, dark shingles that are commonly used on roofs reflect almost no light off your roof, and in fact, they absorb heat from the atmosphere and pass it on to your interior spaces and back out into the environment.

  • Repairing A Torn Foam Roof

    If you have an energy-efficient foam roof on top of your home, you have most likely enjoyed the reduced cost of heating and electricity due to its insulating benefits. If you are noticing your energy costs are creeping back up, your rooftop may be in need of repair. Rips and tears in a foam roof will lead to a breach in the energy-saving benefits it provides. Here are some instructions you can use to repair any ripped portions in your foam roofing on your own.

  • 4 Beneficial Reasons To Invest In A Commercial Metal Roof

    Was the roof of your business destroyed beyond repair after deteriorating from algae spores destroying the shingles? Getting a metal roof for your business is the best thing for you to do, as you will never have to worry about algae spores causing severe damage to it. This article will give you a list of the good benefits that comes along with purchasing a metal roof for your business. 1. Metal Has No Limestone

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Talking About Roofing Services

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