Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Residential Roofers Resolve A Common Issue: Leaks In Valleys

Brittany Howard

Roof valley leaks are relatively common. Here, one section of a roof is connected to another, with each side sloping down to a valley. Leaks can develop because of the behavior of the homeowners or errors with the original installation. Residential roofers can resolve the problem.

Incorrect Installation

This issue is more likely to occur with houses that have had an addition constructed onto the original structure. In some instances, the homeowners did the roofing incorrectly as a do-it-yourself project. In others, they hired a handyman to do the work. Connecting a roof from a building to an addition requires a certain amount of precision and expertise to prevent problems from developing.

Evidence of installation errors might not be seen for years. Over time, rain pouring down both sides puts additional stress on the valley. Heavy rain adds more weight there than on the other shingles. That causes granules to wash away faster.

Maintenance Neglect

A roof valley accumulates organic debris throughout the year. Leaves, evergreen needles, pine cones and tree seeds are blown in by wind and sent down the sides with rain. A large amount of debris can become stuck there, sheltered from wind that blows materials from the rest of the roof. The pile of organic matter stops rainwater from swiftly flowing off the shingles or into the gutters. Instead, the water pools up before it slowly trickles away.

After the rain ends, the top layer of the debris dries while the bottom stays damp. It gradually rots if not removed. This causes wear and tear on the shingles beneath.

These materials should be raked or swept away as needed, but many homeowners don't bother. They don't understand the damage that can be caused when shingles do not dry out or the negative effects of decaying organic materials.

Fixing the Leak

To fix the leak, a roofing contractor removes all the shingles in the valley and tackles the underlying issue. The flaw can be tricky to find, as it might not be directly above the spot where water drips into the home. Water travels down slopes and may land inside far from where the flaw actually is. Also, there could be multiple problem areas.

The roofer might extend the flashing past the shingles and install a waterproof membrane. The flashing is only visible when on the roof or a ladder looking over the shingles. No one can see it from below, which is important for aesthetics.

Homeowners who need this service should contact a residential roofer.


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