Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Possible Causes Of Your Home's Sagging Roof And Repairs A Roofing Contractor Might Make

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It's startling when you notice your roof is sagging. Even if you don't know much about home construction, you know a sagging roof is a bad thing. A roof can sag for a variety of reasons, so in addition to making repairs to the roof, it's also necessary to uncover the cause and fix it too. Here are some causes of a sagging roof and what repairs might be needed.

Causes Of A Sagging Roof

As soon as you notice your roof sagging, you should call a roofing contractor to take a look. A roof in that condition could be a danger. When the contractor examines your roof from inside the attic and the exterior, one thing they check for is water damage. If the shingles are in bad shape and water has leaked on the deck and in the attic, then the deck and structural support of the roof could be rotted. Too much humidity from an attic with improper ventilation could also cause damage to the roof.

Excess weight can cause a roof to sag. The weight might be from too many layers of shingles or from a winter with heavy snow or ice on the roof. Improper building methods could also be to blame for problems that lead to a sagging roof. Age can also affect rafters and joists and cause them to rot or get weak. In addition, the roof can sag when the foundation of your house shifts.

Methods Of Repairing A Sagging Roof

If the roofing contractor determines the foundation is to blame for the problem, then you'll need to have foundation repairs done to stop your house from shifting. After that, a new roof can be put on your home. Once the roof is sagging, it may be necessary to brace the roof from the underside to add strength to the joists and rafters. If the problem is from too many roofing layers that add excess weight, then your roofer may recommend stripping all the old material off of the roof and build a new roof with only one layer of shingles.

If a rotting deck is to blame, then cutting out the rotted part and replacing it with dry and solid plywood could be the solution. It may also be necessary to install new rafters along the old, rotted ones for additional roof support. In addition, the roofer may suggest improving attic ventilation to keep the attic drier. This might involve installing a vent on top of the roof once repairs are made.

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