Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Six Inaccurate Assumptions Commonly Made About Metal Roofing

Brittany Howard

To find the best possible roofing material for your structure, you need to be sure that you are not making inaccurate assumptions that are commonly made about particular material options.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners make incorrect assumptions about metal roofing that make it so that they don't choose the best possible material for their roof.

The following are six inaccurate assumptions commonly made about metal roofing that you need to avoid to find the best possible material for your structure.

Metal will inevitably develop rust issues over time.

Any metal roof of high quality should be produced using aluminum that is rust-resistant. Metal roofs can be produced with a rust-resistant finish that will ensure that rust will not develop over time.

A rust-resistant finish improves appearances while also maximizing the lifespan of metal roofs. 

Metal roofs will be excessively noisy in the rain.

A high-quality metal roof should be installed with underlayment materials that will insulate against the sound of falling rain. Metal roofs that are properly installed shouldn't make any more noise than an asphalt roof or a roof made from any other material.

Metal roofs will be very susceptible to damage from hail.

Homeowners living in an area that is particularly susceptible to hail damage can still enjoy all the advantages of a metal roof. A heavier gauge metal can produce a roof that is resistant to hail damage while also offering all the other advantages of metal roofing.

Metal roofing is very heavy and could create structural issues.

Surprisingly, metal roofing is typically lighter than many other popular roofing materials like wood and clay tile. Not only does the lightness of metal roofing benefit a building structurally, but it can also allow for a more simple and affordable installation process. 

Metal roofs make a home more susceptible to damage from lightning.

It's important to realize that a metal roof is noncombustible. While metal can be a conductor of electricity, it will not catch fire like other roofing materials such as wood. Because metal roofing is noncombustible, it tends to be much less susceptible to lightning damage.

Metal roofs cannot be walked on without creating a safety hazard.

A lot of homeowners are concerned that it will be difficult to service or repair their metal roofing because metal roofs can't be walked on. In fact, a qualified and knowledgable roofer can safely walk on a metal roof to perform repairs or maintenance without any danger. 

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