Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

What to Do About a Bird Nest in Your Fascia

Brittany Howard

If you have a natural wood roofline, there is an increased chance of birds making their nest in the wood, especially as it ages and rots. Holes and cavities within your wood can be further hollowed out by bird, and made into a temporary home for their nests. Usually, after the chicks have hatched and they are able to fly, the bird will move out, leaving it open for another family of birds to take over. So, you probably want to repair this hole and prevent any birds from moving in afterwards. There any many ways that you can patch a hardwood roofline, and this article discusses the best options for an aesthetic and permanent repair.

Metal Grating

The cheapest, easiest, but least attractive option is to apply metal grating over the hole. Metal grates can be trimmed to size and stapled over the hole. You can paint the metal before or after you attach it to the wood. But, the metal grate just doesn't look very attractive.

Wood Patch Sheets

A similar solution that looks a little better but is a little more complicated to apply is a wood patch sheet. These sheets look great if you can find a product with the same finish or stain as your fascia boards. The sheets have a thin veneer with a wood grain top. If you find a product that already matches your fascia, it will be super easy. If not, you will need to buy a raw product that can be stained.

Using Wood Filler

Wood filler is the best way to create a patch that ends up being invisible. But, the process of applying wood putty into such a large hole can be difficult. That is, you can't just fill the entire hole with putty because it won't stay in place. This means you just need to fill it a little bit at a time, allowing enough time for it to dry in between each coat. Doing it in so many stages can definitely be time consuming. But, once you have filled it in completely, you can sand it down, then prime and paint over the patched area. Obviously, if you have a fascia board that is stained with a clear or tinted coat, it won't be easy to match the finish. But, if your boards are just painted a solid color, the patch can match very closely with the rest of the wood once it is primed and painted.

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