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Talking About Roofing Services

Tips To Help Reduce Metal Roof Condensation

Brittany Howard

When your metal roof starts forming condensation, it puts your furniture, floor, and other valuables at risk of water damage. Drops of water falling on your guests can also be embarrassing. There is also the fact that the presence of water will accelerate the rate at which both the roof and its fasteners rust.

The good news is that this problem is easy to solve. Here is what you should know about metal roof condensation and how to get rid of it.

Metal roofs and condensation

Metal roofs are good conductors of heat. As a result, their temperatures vary depending on environmental temperatures. During winter, they tend to be very cold. This quality is what is to blame for the condensation problems that sometimes accompany metal roofs.

Warm air has a higher moisture-holding capacity. Cooling usually reduces this capacity, forcing any moisture droplets in the air to condense. When warm air inside your house rises, it usually comes in contact with your metal roof. And since this roof gets extremely cold during winter, it cools this air, forcing some of the moisture in the air to settle on the roof. This is what then manifests droplets on the roof.

Use plywood and plastic sheeting to prevent condensation

An easy way of preventing this problem is by installing a barrier between your roof and the air inside your home. You can do this by affixing pieces of plywood on the roof structure in such a way that they cover the entire roof -- and then installing the metal roof.

A cheaper way to shield your metal roof is to simply use plastic sheeting. All you will have to do is to drape it in such a way that it completely covers the underside of the roof and then nailing it in place. After you are done, get rid of any excess sheeting by cutting it off using a razor knife.

Use an air conditioner to prevent condensation

The condensation problem usually arises because of the differences in temperature of the air before and after it comes in contact with the metal roof. This change in temperature is usually accompanied with a change in moisture-carrying capacity. You can therefore get rid of the problem by having your air conditioner cool the air in your home to lower-than-normal temperatures, especially when no one is at home. Doing this will reduce the amount of moisture droplets that the air dumps once it comes in contact with the metal roof. This, in addition to the fact that air conditioners get rid of air moisture during the cooling process, will significantly reduce your metal roof condensation problem.

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