Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Building Roof By Taking These Two Actions

Brittany Howard

As the owner of a large commercial building, you already know that making sure that the roof does not leak or malfunction is critical to the success of the business operating inside the building. Leaky roofs on factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings can ruin inventory, create safety hazards for employees, and provide an environment conducive to mold, insect infestations, or other issues. Since replacing a failing roof on large commercial buildings requires a significant outlay of business funds, building owners who take steps to extend the lifespan of their commercial roofing can save money, time, and aggravation and here are two good ways to make that happen. 

Invest in an annual inspection

The first way to ward off extensive repair costs for commercial roofing is to catch and repair small maintenance issues before they can become big ones. The best way to do this is to have the roofs on any buildings you own inspected by a roofing contractor who specializes in installing and repairing the type of commercial roof you have. Unlike someone who is unfamiliar with commercial roofing products, a roofing contractor who specializes in commercial roofing will be able to recognize signs of wear, abuse, or other damage before it becomes significant enough to form an actual leak. In addition, the roofing contractor can also check seamed areas and patches for signs that the sealant used to hold rolled or other glued roofing materials has not lost its ability to seal due to exposure to sunshine or temperature extremes.

Consider removing roof mounted infrastructure and components

When heating, air conditioning, communications towers, signage or other components are mounted on the rooftop, leaks often develop where these objects are fastened to the commercial roofing surface. In addition, many components, especially those that are subject to movement in high wind can require stabilizing wires to keep them in place, requiring even more impact on the commercial roof surface. Removing and relocating some or all of the components or infrastructure you currently have on your roof to another area will also help to remove the potential wear points caused by their installation and the increased foot traffic required to service them.

When moving these objects from your commercial roof, be sure to have the roof repaired professionally afterward by a commercial roofing contractor. They will be able to inspect the newly visible areas and make sure that all entry holes for nails and screws are properly patched and sealed to ensure that leaks will not form during rainy, snowy, or icy weather. 

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