Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

2 Places Where Roof Leaks Commonly Occur

Brittany Howard

A roof leak is more than just a nuisance--it represents a particularly insidious form of damage, one that can end up costing you a small fortune in repairs if you don't catch it in time. If you would like to learn more about how to pinpoint the exact cause of a roof leak, read on. This article will discuss two parts of the roof where leaks have a tendency to occur.

Old Nail Holes

Many roof leaks are caused by nails that have worked free thanks to the joint effects of time and weather, particularly heavy storms. In many cases, these nails may be missing entirely. It is also possible that the removal of such items as satellites and antennas may have left behind holes that were never properly covered.

Unfortunately, there is no good way to find such holes except to make a close inspection visually. Make time for such an inspection the next time you head up onto your roof for maintenance--for instance, to clear out dirty gutters. Nail holes are best remedied by slipping a piece of flat metal flashing underneath the shingle in question, and then locking it in place with caulk.

Vent Boots

All roofs contain one or more plumbing vents, which are used to dispel unwanted gases rising up through your pipes from the sewer. These vents--and in particular the protective boots that surround them--are a frequent cause of roofing leaks. Vent boots may be constructed from metal, plastic, or some combination of the two. Each of these varieties is subject to its own problems, with metal boots likely to develop cracks along the seams, and plastic boots more likely to become warped or cracked by exposure to sunlight.

Carefully inspect all vent boots for signs of damage or cracks. If you don't notice any problems affect the boot itself, then the problem may have to do with the rubber gasket beneath it. As such gaskets age, they often succumb to rot and degradation. Lift the boot out of place to check the appearance of the gasket. While you may be able to find a replace for certain gaskets, the easiest option is often to install an entirely new boot.

If neither the boot nor the gasket seem problematic, it may be that the nails used to affix it have begun to work loose. Be sure to check for wobbly or missing nails. Your best bet is to replace these with rubber washer screws. As their name would imply, these screws contain a built in washer just below the screw's head. This washer acts to prevent leaks from penetrating beneath the edge of the screw.

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