Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Tips For Safety While Repairing Your Home's Minor Roof Issues

Brittany Howard

If you are planning on working on your home's roof this fall before the storms of winter start rolling in, then it is very important that you know how to safely do so. While it is perfectly reasonable for you to make simple roof repairs and perform yearly maintenance on your home's roof, the last thing that you want to do is fall from the roof or have an accident while climbing up on it or down from it. 

To this end, follow these tips to repair and maintain your home's roof in a safe manner:

Tip: Use Your Ladder Safely

Though it may be obvious to you that you need to have someone help hold your extension ladder while you are climbing on and off of your home's roof, you may not realize that you should also have the ladder extended a few feet above the roofline. The excess ladder gives you plenty of room to safely grasp the ladder with both hands while climbing. Additionally, you should also tie off your ladder to your roof so that it will not move around and lead to you losing your balance and falling off.

Tip: Use a Rope to Pull Your Tools and Roofing Materials Up On the Roof

One of the most common times that people are injured working on their roofs, is when they are carrying tools or roofing materials up and down their ladder. Rather than trying to carry heavy or awkward loads up on your roof, instead, use a rope and tie it around your roofing materials and tools and then hoist them up to the top of the roof. Also, you can ask to have your shingles and other bulky or heavy materials delivered directly onto your roof. This prevents you from needing to lug them up there yourself and greatly lowers your risk of injuries.

Tip: Use a Harness Tied Off to an Appropriate Structure to Prevent Falls

Finally, to keep yourself from falling off of your roof if you trip or fall, it is vital that you use a safety harness. You should tie off the harness to roof brackets that you have installed onto the rafters of your home. Before using a harness, always inspect it to make sure nothing is frayed and make sure that you put it snugly on your body. You should always have your harness connected when you are on your home's roof.

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