Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

How to Install Tile Floors

Brittany Howard

If you install tile flooring in your bathroom, you will need to do a little bit of maintenance over the years. Of course, since bathrooms have more moisture, the tile will need more intensive maintenance. Perhaps the most important thing, when it comes to preserving your tile floor, is sealing the grout lines. This article explains how to seal grout on tile floors. You can basically use the same techniques for sealing stone on vertical surfaces or walls, like those in a shower enclosure.

Using Grout Sealant

The most important product for this job is grout sealant. This can be quite costly, but you don't need any tools or power equipment to apply it. The only other supplies you need to apply sealant are a few lint-free rags and large cleaning sponges. You might also want to tape off the lower inch of your baseboard with painter's tape.

Cleaning Your Floor

Before you begin, you need to thoroughly clean your floor. This means you have to remove any soap scum or mold buildup in the grout lines. Remember, when you apply the sealant, it will make it harder to remove soap scum, because it will form a protective layer over it. In some cases, scrubbing away all the soap scum can be the hardest part of the job.

Sealing Your Floor

When it comes time to actually apply your sealant, you can basically just pour it directly on the floor. However, you need to use the lint-free rags to immediately spread it around. Make sure you get ample coverage and let the sealant get all over the tile tops too. The grout sealant will actually help preserve your tile as well. Make sure you spread the sealant over every square inch of your floor and let it soak in. Different products will suggest different soaking times. Then, you can wipe it down with a dry rag. After this, you should repeat the steps to apply a second coat. You usually need to wait at least an hour between each coat, so the job can be time-consuming.

After the final coat, you should actually wait a full day before resuming normal use in the room. After a full day of letting the sealant dry, you will notice a thin film buildup on top of the tile. Use slightly damp sponges to wipe away this film. Now, you can enjoy your freshly sealed bathroom floors.

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