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Talking About Roofing Services

Mistakes You Can Make When You Buy Slates On Your Own

Brittany Howard

If you are installing a slate roof, one of the decisions you have to make is whether to buy the slates on your own or leave it to the roofing contractor. Some homeowners prefer buying the slates on their own to avoid contractor markup. Unfortunately, that may not be a very wise move if you don't have prior experience working with slates. Here are some of the mistakes you may make when purchasing the slates.

Wrong size

The size of the individual slates will determine the cost of the installation. For example, each slate must be attached to the roof using two nails; this is the case irrespective of the size of the slate. Therefore, numerous tiny slates will use more nails than a few large slates. This means a roofer working with tiny slates will need more time to lay them as compared to a roofer using larger slates. At the same time, using small slates increases the total area of the materials used for overlaps. In the end, extremely tiny slates (that may be inexpensive) may increase your roofing costs.

Wrong Thickness

Most types of slates are sold ungauged, which means there are small variations in their individual characteristics. This means the installers may have to cut off anomalies, such as brittle parts or parts with the wrong colors. Trimming off the unwanted parts is the only way to ensure color uniformity and ease of installation. However, trimming slates isn't easy if they are extraordinarily thick; thick slates are more prone to breakage (during trimming) than their relatively thinner counterparts. Therefore, you may end up buying more slates after losing some to breakage during cutting.

Wrong Quality

Choosing the right slates isn't just about dimensions; the slate quality also matters. By going at it alone, you may end up choosing slates with these poor quality characteristics:

  • Slates that fade fast and badly
  • Slates that contain pyrites that will leave red stains on the roof after exposure to weather elements
  • Slates that crack easily and may even fall apart after a few years on the roof
  • Slates with greatly varying thickness; this makes them very difficult to cut

These are things that an untrained eye may not discern, but they are fairly obvious to experienced roofing contractors.

In the end, you may spend more money to rectify your mistakes than you would have lost if the contractor would have bought the slates. Therefore, it might be best to negotiate with the contractor for reasonable rates (as a means of managing your roofing costs) and let them buy the materials. For more information, contact local professionals like Leon Construction.


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