Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Repairing Your Own Slate Roof? 2 Reasons You Shouldn't

Brittany Howard

Although historic slate roofing systems can last for many years, sometimes, moss can grow on their surfaces. Slate is a natural material, which means that it can attract moss over time, especially if you live in a wet or humid location. Moss can also grow on roofs with moisture problems. If you plan to remove the moss yourself, you might want to reconsider and have a professional roofer do it for you. Walking on your slate roof can cause significant damage in the material and be very unsafe for you. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't remove the moss from your slate roof without a professional roofer's help.

You Can Slip and Fall Off Your Roof

When slate is wet from rain, condensation, or dew, it can become too slippery to walk on. Professional roofers use different types of ladders to access and walk on slate roofs. Roofers may also wear harnesses and other protective gear to keep safe. Unless you have access to professional equipment, it's a good idea that you avoid walking on your slate roof.

One of the things you might do to temporarily reduce the moss on your roof is trim back any trees located near the home. Overhanging tree limbs and branches can keep your roof damp after it rains by blocking out sunlight. Most types of moss need moisture and shade to grow, so cutting back your trees can allow sunlight to cover the roof until you have your roof professional repaired.

You Can Miss Hidden Damage Beneath the Slate

Slate may also be unsafe to walk on if the roof has broken or loose tiles, or if the tiles are too old to withstand pressure. Broken tiles may slip loose from their positions if you step on them the wrong way. You may end up crumbling or breaking your roofing tiles in your efforts to clean them. Even if your roof's tiles still look like they're in good shape, they may not be.

A roofer can examine your slate tiles when they remove the moss to see if you should replace or repair them. Tiles that appear cracked, deteriorated, or crumbly may need to be replaced to preserve the integrity of the roof. A roofer can discuss the benefits of replacing or repairing your slate tiles when you see them.

For more information about removing moss from your slate roof, contact a contractor like those found at Stevens Roofing Corporation today.


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