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Talking About Roofing Services

3 Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Monterey-Style Home With A Gabled Roof

Brittany Howard

Monterey-style homes blend the casual simplicity of a Colonial home with the ornate details of a Spanish Eclectic villa. Monterey homes have simple, clean lines accented by brick or brick and stucco siding. The homes usually have a second story balcony on the front of the home and that balcony is enhanced with a decorative railing or trim. Monterey homes can have a couple of different roof types but one is a lower pitched version of the traditional gable roof.

What are the best and worst roofing materials for a Monterey-style home with a gabled roof? Here are some options to discuss with your residential roofing contractors.

Best: Wood Shingles

Wood shingles have a timeless, natural look that blend in well with the styling of a Monterey home. The material can add texture and visual interest to the gable roof and evoke the clay tile roofs popular on Spanish Eclectic houses. The material is lighter in weight than actual clay but still a substantial roofing material.

Wood shingles can involve a bit more maintenance than asphalt or clay particularly if you live in an area with a wide range of temperatures since wood can constrict and expand in the heat and cold. But yearly checks on the roofing material and spot repairs should keep the problem from becoming too much of a hassle.

Best: Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are lightweight, low cost, and fairly durable. The material is available in a number of colors and can be crafted with a textured appearance to more closely resemble wood shingles with a lower risk of maintenance. Asphalt is a particularly good choice if you are on a tight roofing budget.

Asphalt typically isn't a material recommended for gabled roofs due to the steep slopes speeding up wind and potentially damaging the shingles. But a Monterey has a modified gable with shallower slopes that don't create as much of a wind risk.

Worst: Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are closely associated with the Spanish Eclectic style that gives the Monterey some of its charm. But the gable roof on a Monterey might not have enough bracing built in to support such a heavy roofing material. You can always ask a roofing contractor to look at your roof to see if a previous owner had extra bracing added already, which would mean you could go with clay tiles.

Bear in mind that adding bracing will take away some indoor living or storage space. If you have the space to lose and don't have the bracing, you can hire the contractors to add enough bracing to support the clay tiles. Contact a business, such as Classic Windows and Roofing, for more information. 


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