Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Four Kinds Of Storm Damage To Look For After The Storm And How Roofers Will Repair Them

Brittany Howard

Gusts of wind in excess of forty miles an hour can cause some serious damage to your roof. If you have recently experienced a thunderstorm with very strong winds or a tornado has passed within a few miles, you might want to get on a ladder and take a peek at your roof. There are four kinds of damage to look for. If you spot them, you will need a roofer. Here is what to look for and how the roofers will fix each of the following four kinds of damage on your roof.

Your Eavestroughs Are Loose and Swinging in the Breeze, Pulling on Other Parts of the Roof

Eavestroughs are some of the first parts of a roof to come loose, get torn off and/or fly away in the wind. If you climb up to check out the roof and find that your eavestroughs are badly twisted and hanging by metal threads, try to remove the worst of this with tin snips. The rest of the damaged eavestroughs (and whatever other parts of the roof that the damaged eavestroughs are pulling down with them) will be replaced by the roofer entirely, but in the meantime you can trim back some of this damage to save the rest of the roof.

Curled Shingles

Wind can peel shingles up and back or cause them to curl underneath themselves. This is one of the least awful kinds of damage, but if it is not repaired it can lead to very severe water damage under your roof. A roofer will repair this problem either by removing the damaged shingles and replacing them, or by flattening the curled edges back down and nailing them in place.

Slabbed Shingles Flapping in the Breeze

Stronger winds can rip the sheets of shingles off of the roof. If you have slabbed shingles flapping in the breeze this should be obvious from the ground, but you will definitely see it when you climb a ladder. A roofer will remove these flapping sheets of loose shingles and possibly the shingles below and above the spot where the loose shingles were. Then he or she will apply all new shingles to these areas on the roof.

Sections of Your Roof Ripped off Completely

Whether you have small sections of the roof that have been ripped off or large chunks missing, you should still climb a ladder and get a really good view. Additionally, if you are able, place some tarps over these damaged and missing sections until your roofer can arrive and begin the work. The roofer will then repair and replace all of the missing sections of the roof with new lumber, roof underlay and shingles.

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