Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

How To Deal With Water From A Downspout Running Back Toward Your House

Brittany Howard

If your gutters on your home are working properly, you should be able to see water pouring out of the downspouts around the exterior of your home during a rainfall. The job of the downspouts is to first carry the water away from the gutters and then disperse it in areas of your yard where it won't pose a threat to your foundation. If you notice that the water is running back toward your home, there's a good chance that your patio or the ground around the house needs to be graded so that it slopes away. In the meantime, you'll need to do something about the water issue. Here are some options.

Extend The Length Of The Downspouts

If the water that exits any particular downspout is pooling in the immediate area and then beginning to run back toward the house, a simple solution is to extend the length of any downspouts experiencing this issue. By mounting a longer piece of downspout to what's already there, you'll be guiding the water farther away from your home. Visit your home improvement store and buy the necessary number of downspouts, cut them to length if required and mount them with short screws. It's imperative to keep the screws as short as possible; if they're too long, they'll block things like leaves that are flowing through.

Install Plastic Downspout Extenders

A simple way to quickly correct the problem and ensure that the water is no longer flowing back toward your home is to mount plastic downspout extenders to any of the problematic downspouts. Available at your local home improvement store, these heavy-duty plastic bag-style accessories mount to the existing downspout with zip ties. You can then pull the bag out to its full length and position it away from the house. As the water flows through the downspout, it will follow the bag.

Dig A Trough

If the water is running toward your home at a rapid rate and you're concerned about flooding, you might not have time to visit a home improvement store and buy supplies to fix the problem. A short-term fix is to dig a trough from where the water is exiting the downspout to a low point in your yard. This will allow the water to flow out of harm's way and dissipate where it won't run toward your foundation. While this strategy leaves a little to be desired aesthetically, it's a valuable short-term fix. Contact a business, such as Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies, for more information.   


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