Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

3 Materials To Give Your Home More Storm Protection With Your Roof Replacement

Brittany Howard

If you have to replace your roof due to storm damage, you may want to use materials that are durable. Instead of reroofing your home with the conventional shingles, you may want to consider alternatives like metal roofing, which can also give you a longer lasting roof. In addition to metal, there are also newer synthetic roofing materials and other materials that can be more resistant to storms. If you want a roof that is more resistant to storm damage, here are some materials that you may want to consider using on your home:

1. Give Your Home A Long Lasting Roof With Metal Solutions

If you want a roof that will last for decades or even generations, metal can be a great choice for your roof. It is a material that is resistant to wind and storm damage and needs very little maintenance. You have the choice of many different products when installing a metal roof on your home. Some of these products can include materials with a protective coat for the finish, which can also give you the choice of many different colors for your new roof. There are also raw metals that can be installed, which will age naturally and give your home a look of aged metal roofing.

2. Durable Shingle Look With Synthetic Asphalt Alternatives For Your Roof

If you want to have new shingles installed on your home, there are also many choices of synthetic materials that you can have installed on your roof. Some of these can even give your roof the look of classic materials like shakes, which can be composites made out of recycled materials. There are also composite shingles that have higher rating for wind resistance. If you choose a shingle material, look for a product that has a wind rating and longer life expectancy.

3. Give Your Roof The Look Of Slate And Shakes With Rubber Roofing Materials

Slate and shake materials can also be a good choice to give your roof more wind resistance. These materials can also give you problems, which is why you may want to consider alternatives. Today, there are rubber and synthetic roofing products that can be used to give your home the look of slate or shakes, as well as more resistance to storms. The synthetic shake materials can also be a good choice if the use of real wood is prohibited for use on roofs in your area.

These are some materials that you may want to consider using on your home if you want more storm protection for your roof replacement. If your shingles need to be replaced after the storm, contact a roofing contractor, like the ones at Amick Roofing Inc, and talk with them about some of these durable asphalt alternatives.


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