Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Three Overlooked Messages Your Roof Shingles Are Trying To Show You

Brittany Howard

Shingles play one of the most important roles in the entire roofing system. By creating somewhat of a barrier, shingles help regulate temperatures inside your home and keep water out. These goals are only accomplished when the shingles are in good condition. Worn shingles fall short of these goals. There are often signs that indicate shingle replacement is necessary; make sure you aren't overlooking them.

Cupping Shingles

Shingle cupping is an issue where the corners of a shingle curl up. From a distance, the shingles will resemble a wave pattern. This is often an indication of worn shingles that need to be replaced. If the shingles are aged, this may just be a result of wear and tear.

However, for newer shingles that should be in better condition, take a closer look at your attic. Poor ventilation will increase the temperature of the underside of the roof, which causes accelerated shingle wear. In this case, even with shingle replacement you will be faced with this problem again.

Missing Shingles

If you're starting to notice that your shingles are falling off in a specific area, worn shingle sealant could be to blame. On the underside of roof shingles is a sealant that helps keep them in place. Over time, this sealant starts to age and breakdown. Even though the shingle is secured with a nail too, when the sealant is worn, elements like high winds or an animal walking on the roof make it easier for the shingle to fall off.

Unfortunately, as sealant wears, it also lets more water into the underlayers of the shingle, which only accelerates sealant deterioration. This issue is a sign that you need all of your shingles inspected.  

Granule Filled Gutters

Gutters facilitate water removal from the roof, routing it away from your home. Noticing an excessive amount of tiny, black speckles inside the gutters? This is another indication that shingle replacement is necessary. As shingles age, deterioration causes granules to detach and end up in the gutters.

Failure to address this problem can result in the failure of your gutters, which will cause water to pool on the roof and ultimately lead to a leak. In some instances, granule loss can also occur as a result of storm damage. However, no matter the cause, this issue needs to be addressed.

Should your shingles be displaying signs that signal the need for replacement, take action as soon as possible for the best outcome. Talk to a roofing contractor for more information.


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