Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

How To Remove Moss From A Roof – And Keep It Away

Brittany Howard

Moss on a roof is not just unsightly. It can also contribute to the premature breakdown of your roof, leading to leaks and rot. If you've noticed moss growing on your shingle roof, follow these steps to get rid of it – and then keep it from coming back.

Step 1: Dislodge the big pieces.

Removing the largest pieces of moss upfront will allow the methods you use later to better penetrate and address the shallow roots of the moss and any moss that is left behind. Climb up on a ladder (make sure someone is there with you in case you fall), and use a long-handled broom to push as much moss as possible off the roof. You may have to "scrub" the broom back and forth over the moss a few times. Note that all of it will not come loose at this stage; leave the tough stuff. Make sure you brush any loosened moss off of the roof's surface when you're finished.

Step 2: Apply bleach solution.

There are chemical moss killers sold at home improvement stores, but a simple bleach and water solution works just as well. Load plain laundry bleach into a hose sprayer attachment. Protect your eyes with goggles and your hands with gloves; there will be some back-spray.

Climb back up on the ladder, holding the hose. Starting at the top of the roof, wet the surface down thoroughly. When the sprayer attachment becomes empty, fill it back up with bleach, and keep going until your entire roof is saturated.

Step 3: Scrub off the dead moss remains.

Wait a few days. The bleach needs time to kill the moss. When the moss looks entirely brown and crumbly, it is time to scrub the rest of it away with a broom.  This should take a lot less scrubbing than last time; the moss should come away readily.

Step 4: Trim overhanging branches.

Most thrives in shade, and the most common source of shade on roofs is overhanging branches.  Trim away any branches that are overhanging your roof, or if you're not confident doing this yourself, hire a tree service company to do so for you. The increased air and sun exposure should keep the moss from growing back.

During the moss removal process, pay attention to the condition of the shingles on your roof. If they appear to be crumbling or peeling away, it's important to have a roofing contractor come replace the damaged ones. Moss often causes shingle decay if left unattended for too long. Contact a business, such as Suncastle Roofing Inc, for more information. 


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