Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

4 Options For Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials

Brittany Howard

When your home is located in a region of the country that has very dry weather, it is normal to be concerned about potential fire hazards to your home. You may be looking to avoid using traditional asphalt shingles, because they can be a fire hazard when the temperature outside is hot. Thankfully, there are several fire-resistant roofing materials that you can pick from that will give your home some added protection.

Metal Roofing

The metal materials you have to pick from include copper, zinc, and steel, which gives you flexibility in terms of aesthetics. Metal will be ideal for roofs that have very steep slopes, where alternative materials are not as practical due to their overall weight. You an also get metal shingles that resemble other materials, such as cedar shake, but with the benefits of not being a fire hazard.

Metal is considered one of the best materials when it comes to its resistance against fire, so you can feel assured that your home will be protected.


Slate requires a very skilled contractor to have it installed. This is due to the material's weight, since a roofing contractor will have to evaluate your roof and determine if it can handle the additional weight. They may need to install more braces or support beams, which can add onto the cost of the installation.

Slate is practically indestructible, which makes it a great material to give your roof fire-resistance.

Clay Tile

While it's common to see clay tile used in commercial and industrial construction, it can be used for residential homes. The material shares similar traits with slate since the material is also heavy, but will be cheaper than slate. Clay tiles are lacking compared to slate in terms of hail resistance, ice and snow resistance, hardness, durability, and walkability.

Its fire resistance is still top notch though, since the material is non-combustible.

Class A Asphalt Shingles

If budget is a big concern, you may have to resort to using asphalt shingles with a Class A fire rating. While not fire proof, they can withstand a burning fire for 1 ½ hours before the material fails. This will buy you enough time for the local fire department to come to your home and extinguish the fire. Keep in mind that when it comes to fire ratings for roofing materials, Class A is the best and Class C only offers light fire resistance.

For more information on fire-resistant roofing materials, speak with a roofing contractor.  


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