Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

Three Questions Worth Asking Your Roofing Contractor

Brittany Howard

Even though you rarely see it up close, your roof plays an integral role in sheltering your home from the elements. This means that when you notice that there's a problem with the roof, it's important to hire a roofing contractor to deal with the issue quickly. Roofing contractors can repair smaller problems or replace the entire roof if there's a larger issue -- either way, you'll be heavily investing in the protection of your home. When you contact various roofing services to get a price estimate, asking these three questions can help you decide which contractor you wish to hire for the job.

What's Your Plan For Waste Removal?

Even smaller roofing repair jobs can generate a significant amount of waste in the form of old shingles, bent nails and, if the problem is large enough, plywood sheathing. It's important to understand the roofing contractor's strategy for removing waste from the job. Typically, the contractor will rent an appropriate-sized dumpster and have it delivered to your home on the day of the job and then hauled away when it's full. This topic is valuable to discuss so there's no miscommunication -- you don't want to find yourself dealing with the waste from the job because you didn't make it clear that you wanted the contractor to manage this task.

Are There Potential Challenges In This Job?

Once you've described the nature of your roofing problem as far as you know it and talked about the size and shape of your home, it's beneficial to discuss any potential issues that the contractor might experience. For example, if you're talking about seeing that some shingles have broken off, a potential challenge could be rotten wood below, which will precipitate a larger repair job. Hearing how the contractor addresses the likelihood of any specific challenges -- and how they can be dealt with -- can provide you with confidence in the contractor.

Are My Gutters At Risk During The Job?

Asking an open-ended question about the health of your home's gutters gives the roofing contractor an opportunity to outline the steps that he or she will take to protect your gutters drops, dents and other damage that can harm the role they play. The contractor should explain how he or she will use supports attached to the tops of ladders to make sure that the weight of the ladders are firmly resting on the roof, not on the edge of the gutters.

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