Talking About Roofing Services

Talking About Roofing Services

3 Tips For Limiting The Need For A Residential Roof Repair In The Future

Brittany Howard

If you are like many homeowners, the concept of a roof repair can strike fear in your heart. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take now that will limit the damage that your roof is susceptible to in the future. In many cases, the same professionals who would repair your roof when the need arises will be able to provide the necessary maintenance to your roof. Therefore, the following tips will be very helpful, so that you can delay or prevent the need for expensive roof repairs in the future. 

#1-Remove Moss (And Keep It Away)

Moss is a serious problem for many roofs because its presence will often contribute to the wear and tear of an asphalt shingle in cold areas. It does so by allowing the damage from the frost to impact the coating on the shingles. Over time, it can also crack, raise and damage the surface of your shingles, so it is a menace that must be prevented whenever possible and promptly removed when its presence has been detected.   

Your roof repair specialists are likely to suggest the use of zinc or lead control strips to prevent moss growth. In addition, shady areas are more prone to moss growth, so be sure to trim any nearby or overhanging trees to let the sun through.

#2-Don't Allow Water To Stagnate On Your Roof

In theory, water will evaporate, so you may not think that removing it from your roof is necessary. The truth is that water, especially if it is an uneven portion of the roof or surrounded by the debris that often finds its way to your roof, can damage the area.

Standing water can allow mold to form, but can also allow individual shingles to become warped or otherwise damaged. Fortunately, if you take the time to do an examination of your roof after any major storms and at least once a year if there have been no major storms; your shingles are much more likely to last longer.

#3-Roof Damage Can Also Occur From Underneath

The condensation that can damage the roof does not only come from outside. Specifically, it could just as easily form as the result of a significant temperature change between the attic and the roof. The good news is that adequately insulating the attic allows you to keep more of the treated air inside your home, which prevents condensation.

Since water in any form, not just that from the weather, can damage your roof, protecting your home with sturdy insulation is important. For a bit of extra protection, you should consider the use of a vapor retarder, since it is known to prevent some or most condensation.   

In conclusion, when the roof that protects your home and family needs repair, it is not a good idea to delay it. By applying the above tips to your residential roof repair, you will know that you not only will you soon have a safe and usable roof, but that you managed to save money at the same time.    


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